Wholesale-dress.net / WD.cm Review

As the name implies, WD.cm is a wholesale site. Generally, when something is sold wholesale, it is to be bought in bulk to resale to others. When merchants do this, they get those items for cheap. So WD is just one of many places that can give you as a customer the cheapest prices possible for the clothing and accessories you want.

One thing I absolutely love about wholesale-dress.net is that they have more than ten international warehouses. I live in America, so to ensure I get the cheapest and fastest shipping possible, I can just browse what’s in their US warehouse without having to worry about shipping taking forever or having to pay international shipping prices (which really aren’t much but the cheaper and faster, the better for me.)

Another tidbit that impresses me about this site is the honest reviews. I know of a program that can skim over customer reviews and hide the ones with less desirable content about product reviews. However, when I skim the reviews for items here, I see what people like about the clothes and what they don’t.

I am primarily familiar with their clothing, accessories and shoes but it’s to my understanding that they also sell beauty products, electronics, fabric and home decor. Overall, it seems very well rounded.

What attracts me to this site is the style. I love Asian clothing because of the versatility in the style. It can be outright different (as most people probably know it to be), elegant, adorable, business savvy and so many other things. I’ve browsed other wholesale Asian sites but I’ve found this one to be the most trustworthy, through both personal experience and from other user reviews that I’ve read.

Even if you’re not in love with Asian style, I’d recommend taking a look around and picking up something for yourself. Odds are WD.cm has plenty of things for you.