The Name

The original name was “ume yume” {Japanese for ‘plum dreams’}. I picked this name because it’s slightly nonsensical, and the words sound nearly identical (in Japanese). And, I like plums. =D

At the founding of version 3, the name was changed to “Tempest”. I felt Plum Dreams was a little immature (not that I’m so much more mature now) for a site name. I still love it, but Tempest sounds much more dramatic. And as an artist, I’m all about the drama.

The Purpose

The purpose of this site is to provide links to graphic resources sites for the public. {Like a web portal}. These resources include but are not limited to: coding and graphic design tutorials, icons, wallpapers, and layouts.

The Origin

Originally, this site was designed in Spring of 2007 as my Final Project for an HTML class in college. However, I liked it so much I decided to keep it. It’s rather useful. Before creating it for my final project, I had plans to create a web portal anyway. However, I couldn’t think of any other site to create and I figured I needed to get a jump on this one anyway. So in May of 2007, Plum Dreams-now Tempest-was born.

The Layout

I decided somewhere between version one and two that Tempest (Plum Dreams at that time) would always feature Asian artists. Layouts typically stay up here for six months to a year, or in rare cases, a few months more. For additional information, please see the credits page.

This is version five and features Yesung of Super Junior. This is the first version of Tempest after being transferred to WordPress.

Version four point five [12.10.2012 – 1.3.2014] features Henry Lau, a Canadian violinist, singer, and dancer and member of Super Junior-M. This was an update of version 4 because I wanted a change but I really didn’t want to take the layout down. It is my favorite layout to date. Click here to see version four.five.

Version four.o [7.27.2011 – 12.10.2012] features Henry Lau, a Chinese-Canadian singer, dancer and violinist of international fame. Click here to see version four.o.

Version three [2.26.2010 – 7.27.2011] features Wakeshima Kanon, a Japanese singer and cellist famous for her Victorian style of fashion and classical music. Click here to see version three.

Version two [8.11.2008 – 2.26.2010] features Ruki, the lead singer of the GazettE, a Japanese Visual Kei rock band with diverse sounds and lyrics. Click here to see version two (my second favorite layout for Tempest).

Version one [1.7.2008 – 8.11.2008] features BoA (also known as Beat of Angel and Best of America) , a Korean entertainer who speaks and sings in several languages, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English. She is also a dancer. Click here to see version one.