Questions Make Me Blue.

RT updates are now coming to an end for the day. I’m happy with what I managed to get done (thank you hyper focus). Here’s what was finished:

  • Added the ‘Extras’ section
  • Added a sub-menu to categorize the ‘Tutorials’ section
  • Added the ‘Links’ section (but no content yet)
  • Added the ‘Icons’ section (but no content yet)
  • Added link buttons for all sites

During the link check:

  • 7 sites were removed
  • 2 sites were moved to other sections

Additions include:

  • 5 Graphics Sites
  • 1 Galleries
  • PNGs section to Galleries page
  • 1 PNGs Site

What’s left to do is fix the pagination code, add more sites all around, and add to the Links and Icons sections. I also plan on putting up a contact form so people can have their site listed if they choose. Stay golden.